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Common Keyboard Symbols

The Keyboard

A keyboard is a rectangular computer equipment with buttons otherwise known as "keys". Each key represents the letter, symbol or number printed on it. It is an input device used for sending data to the computer.

Punctuation Marks

A simple paragraph may contain several punctuation marks. Punctuation marks are symbols used to clarify the content of a written material, i.e. separating words into sentences, clauses and phrases.
Punctuation keys can be found on a keyboard. If you look closely at your keyboard you will realize that there are two punctuation marks on a punctuation key.

Typing punctuation keys that do not involve the 

To type the punctuation mark at the bottom of the key, simply press the key. However, the Shift key is used when you want to type the punctuation mark located at the top of a punctuation key. In this lesson, you will learn how to type punctuation marks that do not involve the Shift key. Examples of these punctuation keys are the comma ( , ) the period 
( . ) the forward and back slash ( / \ ) and the semicolon ( ; ). 

Type the following punctuation keys.

Punctuation keys and their locations on a keyboard.
The Comma Key - The Comma key represents a pause. It is used to separate two words in a sentence. The Comma can be located at the right side of the letter M and is the third key to the left of the SHIFT key

The Full Stop - The Full stop expresses a halt or an end. The Full Stop can be located to the right of the comma key and is two keys to the left of the SHIFT key.

The Forward Slash - The Forward slash is used for separating optional items in a list or used to express a fraction or division. The forward Slash can be located to the immediate left of the SHIFT key.
The Back Slash - The Back slash is used for separating optional items in a list or used to express a fraction or division. The Back lash can be located above the enter key.

The Semicolon - The Semi-Colon is used for separating two parts of a sentence that have a relationship to each other but can otherwise stand alone. The semicolon can be located to the right of the letter L and is two keys to the left of the ENTER key.
Page | 8.2 - Using the paragraph below as a guide, type the paragraph into the space provided in the e-Student CD-ROM. 

Type this: 
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